Former NFL QB And Current Tasmanian Devil Johnny Manziel Has Finally Joined Snapchat

In a move that seemed far over due, Johnny Manziel has finally joined the world, presumably to show the world just how far off the wagon he really has fallen. Now broadcasting to the world whenever he feels like, Johnny Manziel is showing us all how brutal of a person to be around he really is. No wonder the dudes unemployed. Rich, but unemployed.
I’m not sure if he’s sober or not. Reports have said he was sobering up July 1, and one of the Snapchats from his first 24 hours mentions the word ‘sober’. But, if this is how this kid acts when he’s SOBER, I cannot imagine what he’s like when he’s wasted. Apparently, he’s trying to make a comeback to the NFL (not gonna happen), and if he is, I can’t imagine that this kind of behavior is what teams what to see.
So if you’re one of those people who can’t help but watch a train wreck unfold in front of your eyes, then this is something you’ll be interested in.
What a shame. When this dude was at his best he was electrifying. What wasted talent.

Update 12/27/2016: Manziel is currently chilling down in Florida at the Versace Mansion having a good time with Bri Teresi and some other friends.
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Johnny Manziel Snapchat Username

Username: JManziel2

Johnny Manziel Snapchat Videos

Videos pulled from Busted Coverage (1, 2, 3). Note that they’re in reverse chronological order…
[protected-iframe id=”06f9d3ed972c41d1ff7d388c79f8b87a-3508545-22621496″ info=”” height=”420″ ]
[protected-iframe id=”22c587ae802f2caf99bb6333fbce62a9-3508545-22621496″ info=”” height=”420″ ]
[protected-iframe id=”3bb1446ca44d0decc7002f306bba67e1-3508545-22621496″ info=”” height=”420″ ]

Johnny Manziel Snapchat Photos

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