Bastille Day Truck Crash Photos: Must-See Pictures

According to reports, up to 30 people have been killed in a terror attack in Nice, France, during Bastille Day celebrations. According to CNN: The mayor of Nice, France, tweeted that a truck ran into a crowd on Bastille Day, killing multiple people. Similarly, according to ABC news, the mayor is also urging citizens to stay indoors.
According to Breaking News, some witnesses reported hearing gunshots in Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France, where a vehicle reportedly just crashed into a Bastille Day crowd. There were fireworks happening in the area at the time of the crash so it’s not clear if shots were fired. A reporter for the Nice Matin newspaper said: “There are people in blood, probably full of wounded.” The mayor of Nice, Christian Erstori, tweeted: “Dear Nice, the driver of a truck seems to have left dozens dead. Stay for now to your home. More info to come.”

The city of Nice is now on lockdown and the Mayor is urging people to stay at home.

Bastille Day Truck Crash Photos & Video

Please be aware that the photos of the scene are extremely graphic.

WATCH: Bastille Day Truck Crash Video In Nice, France
WATCH: Bastille Day Truck Crash Video In Nice, France
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