Overwatch Introduces New "Support Sniper" Character Ana

A new character is coming to the hit game Overwatch, but it’s probably not who you were expecting.
Fans of the game have been patiently waiting for a character named Sombra, a hero that people knew little about. But instead of announcing that big news, Blizzard is surprising players with another character: Ana. Ana is a support sniper, literally meaning that she can either heal teammates with her sniper rifle or kill them for a distance. Her other abilities also seem extremely useful for the rest of her team, but don’t expect to be going on massive kill streaks with this player.
Check out Ana’s gameplay trailer below.


Ana Backstory:

Who is Ana? She’s Pharah’s mother and one of the original members of the Overwatch team. Sadly she lost her eye due in a battle with Widowmaker, but she’s healed and back with a vengeance to help out the old squad.


Ana Abilities:

If you’ve checked out the gameplay video above, you probably have a couple of questions as to how Ana’s going to be able to play. Check out Ana (the support sniper) and her abilities below.
Biotic Rifle: Ana’s primary weapon is the biotic rifle whose darts can either heal teammates or hurt allies.
Biotic Grenade: One of Ana’s abilities is the Biotic Grenade, which can either heal teammates or hurt allies. Unlike the Biotic Rifle, it’s believed that the splash of the effect can simultaneously affect friends and foes alike. It also stops enemies like Roadhog or Soldier 76 from healing.
Sleep Dart: Another one of Ana’s abilities that can put opponents to sleep for a short time. This is a helpful ability that can be used while an opponent is using their Ultimate.
Nano Boost: This is Ana’s ultimate. She fires a dart at one of her teammates and grants them quicker movement, boosted damage, and resistance to incoming attacks.

Ana & Overwatch DLC

One of the best parts about Overwatch is that the new characters and maps that Blizzard will release are all available for free.
The timetable for her release hasn’t been announced yet, but expect that announcement to come during San Diego Comic Con.

Ana Photos

If you’re looking for more photos on Ana, including the way that she looks with her BioRifle, check out the photos below.:

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