These Are The Funniest Snapchat Photos You’ve Ever Seen

Funniest Snapchat photos

Snapchat is great for a lot of things, one of which is taking funny photos and videos to share with your friends. Obviously it’s nice that users can rest somewhat comfortably knowing that their story will “delete” after 24 hours, but Snapchat’s best feature is the fact that you can draw and caption your snaps.

The only hurdle is that you can’t check out Snapchat on your computer–it’s cell phone only. But since we’re such big fans of the social media app (give us a follow at “”), we decided to put together a little workaround. We’ve collected screenshots of some the best and funniest Snapchat photos in a gallery that’s accessible from anywhere with internet access.

We’re fully aware that posting Snaps stories off of the app is a little wrong, but wouldn’t it also be wrong to withhold these hilarious jokes and images from our audience?

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