WATCH: Trick Daddy's Epic Rant On Video Ends With Spitting on Camera

Trick Daddy got extremely upset at a woman (he prefers to refer to her as a type of gardening tool) who commented on a Facebook post he made. Trick Daddy became so irate that he took to Facebook Live to go on a three-minute rant about all the different kinds of things he’s going to do to this woman when he sees her. There are a ton of quotable moments, but my favorite is “I’m live right now!”
We’re still working a bit too hard to figure out who the hell he’s talking about, but in the meantime check out the two videos below.

We found the proof that this is a Facebook Live video. Apparently the video went live yesterday, but was pulled.

I mean, what else were we expecting from the guy who wrote the song “Let’s Go,” the greatest fight hype song ever.

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Is Game Of Thrones Over?
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