Game Of Thrones Has Accomplished Something That No Other HBO Show, Including The Sopranos, Has Ever Done

One of the perks about being a writer is that you get to cover the things the interest you. Myself for example: you’ll probably see more Batman and Game Of Thrones related articles in my archive because it’s what I enjoy. So, it’s with pleasure that I write another Thrones article, filled with awesome Thrones news. This time, GoT is accomplishing things that no previous HBO show has ever. And yes, that include the legendary The Sopranos.  Game Of Thrones has increased viewership for six consecutive seasons.

According to USA Today, as Game of Thrones gets ready to end its sixth season, new data show that the series has grown its audience every year for all six years of its run—making it the first HBO series to hit that milestone.

The breakdown: Sunday premiere ratings are up 6%, to 7.3 million, while overall TV and on-demand viewership is up 4%. But viewing on HBO Now and HBO Go digital platforms skyrocketed 70% over last season, to about 2.5 million streams, reflecting growth in HBO Now subscriptions since the app’s launch in April 2015.

Not only that, but I can almost guarantee viewership will continue to grow until the series wraps up. It will be interesting to see where HBO goes when that day comes. With such a deep and rich history, it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if HBO decided to move forward with a spinoff or prequel series.
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