Cavaliers Parade 2016 Photos: Must-See Pictures of Parade

The city of Cleveland will celebrate their first professional sports championship in 52 years at the Cleveland Cavaliers Championship parade today. If you didn’t think that the Cavaliers victory in Game 7 was a big deal for Cleveland, think about it this way: the city of Cleveland is allowing defendants scheduled to appear in court today the opportunity to skip court entirely.
The Cleveland Cavaliers championship parade will begin at 11 AM EST and will feature 60 floats, the Ohio State University marching band, and speeches from the players, the coaches, and the Mayor of Cleveland.

Update 6/24/2016: As crazy as the photos are, this video takes the cake.

We’ve been covering championship parade photos here at COED for awhile, and without a doubt our favorite star has been Rob Gronkowski. But this year we have JR Smith. And while I’m not expecting him to shotgun beers with the ferocity of Gronk, I do believe he’ll pour more than enough champagne on some willing thots. I also think the amount of time that he has his shirt on is less than half the time he has it off.

Cavaliers Championship Parade 2016 Photos

The first photos to come from the parade are from Matthew Dellavadova’s snapchat. In addition to giving us a sneak preview of the Delly 1 shoes coming out soon, he also took a couple of snaps of him, his wife, and Timofey Mozgov heading to the beginning of the parade.
We also spotted Urban Meyer with the legend that is Jim Brown. He’ll be celebrating today for sure.
COED will be updating this post with more photos as they come, so stay tuned.

And here it is, the greatest photo from the Cavaliers Championship parade.

11:44 AM: JR Smith is shirtless again

The Parade has begun!


Cleveland Cavs Championship Parade Live Stream: How to Watch Online
Cleveland Cavs Championship Parade Live Stream: How to Watch Online
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