NBA Draft 2016: Oklahoma City Thunder Draft Picks, Holes & Needs

The Oklahoma City Thunder went 55-27 this past season and was within one win of making the NBA Finals before collapsing against the Golden State Warriors. There are a ton of decisions ahead for the Thunder and with the NBA Draft coming up on June 23, one of the biggest decisions will be whether or not to get a draft pick since the Thunder don’t have a single one right now. There is also another decision that will impact the franchise for a long time to come.
Kevin Durant is an unrestricted free agent and could take his talents elsewhere. Durant averaged 28.2 points, 8.2 rebounds and five assists a game for Oklahoma City this past year. Durant is going to be looking for the big money though and may see a chance to move on from the Thunder to get that max deal. That would leave even more pressure on Russell Westbrook to step up his game even further than he has in the past.
With no draft picks and Durant’s uncertainty, this is going to be a very long offseason for Oklahoma City and their fans. Will the Thunder make a trade to get a draft pick? Will Durant return with a new long-term deal? Can the Thunder make it to the NBA Finals and win a title under Billy Donovan? A lot of these questions will be answered soon. Durant’s fate and the fate of the Thunder rests on his broad shoulders this summer in Oklahoma City.

NBA Draft 2016: New York Knicks Draft Picks, Holes & Needs
NBA Draft 2016: New York Knicks Draft Picks, Holes & Needs
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