Local Rapper Threatens Trump On Instagram, Gets Busted For Stolen Guns

There are plenty of reasons to dislike Donald Trump, but that doesn’t mean it’s wise to threaten him in an online video. Because the authorities and Secret Service don’t mess around about that kind of thing. Baton Rouge rapper Maine Muzik, whose music video I watched and let’s just say he’s not the next Tupac, is in hot water after putting a video online threatening the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. “I really want to go to war with Donald Trump because Donald Trump is trying to take food stamps from my momma and that’s all the f**k  she got,” Maine Musik, whose legal name is Demarcus Davis says on the video. “Let Donald Trump know it’s up over here. We want war; we’re going to declare war.” He also makes an incoherent reference to ISIS toward the end.
Where this story really gets interesting is as the May 22nd video threatening Trump made it’s way around the internet, former Sons of Guns reality TV star Joe Meaux came across a video called “Rapper Threatens Trump”.  The gun shop owner noticed that in a clip taken from a video Davis posted May 15th, with Davis and several others waving guns, that those guns were ones stolen from his gun shop last July. Meaux told Fox News that he was able to decipher the guns because they were distinctively customized. Davis, 22, was arrested in Baton Rouge on June 3rd and booked on several weapons charges and a drug charge. I don’t know what the rapper thought the upside was of posting videos online making threats and featuring stolen guns,  but I think it’s fair to say he didn’t fully think it through. Folks, I can’t say it enough; if you’re going to post videos where you’re brandishing guns, make sure those guns are legally registered.

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