Demi Rose: 22 Hottest Photos On The Internet

Demi Rose is an extremely hot model and Instagram celebrity who’s rumored to be dating rapper Tyga. Although there are more than a couple of photos that prove the two are at least casually hooking up, we’ll pretend like Tyga’s really just another fan. That way when stare at Demi’s sexy photos we don’t imagine a scrawny, tatted up idiot all up on her.

But we digress…

Demi’s somewhat new the world of attractive women who’ve becoming famous because of their social media profiles, but make no mistake about it: this chick photographs very well. At only 5’2″, her body proportions are exactly what any male would go crazy for. Obviously we suggest giving her Instagram profile a follow (@DemiRoseMawby), but for the reasons you can see below you’ll also want to give her a follow on Snapchat. Check the link below for more info on her Snapchat photos and presence.

And as for her regular photos? Well they’re not really all that regular. Her Instagram page is stacked with a mixture of professional work and some fresh selfies that were definitely, 100% not taken by Tyga.

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