I Cannot Get Enough Of BMW Dog, The Shih Tzu With A Remote Control Car

There’s a new sheriff in town and his name is “BMW Dog,” better known as Luigi Maestro by his close friends.

Luigi, the five-year-old Shih Tzu, has been photographed recently riding around in his remote-control Beemer on the Upper East Side in New York City. Normally I can’t stand Shih Tzus or insane publicity stunts by people in NYC, but for some reason I love this dude.

Maybe it’s the fact that his name is Luigi Maestro, or that this is the dumbest story ever been published in a newspaper (S/O to the NY Post). Or maybe it’s that we never actually found out what happened to “Barbie Jeep Girl” at Texas State, but this is a viral alert I can get behind.

Luigi’s owner and chauffeur, Anisha Lakhani, used to teach a couple of my friends at Dalton, a private school here in New York City. Now she’s an author of Schooled, a fictional book about a young female teacher who lands a job at an elite school in Manhattan.

As seen on the Upper East Side: a lady driving her dog around in a radio-controlled BMW pic.twitter.com/pT79xRrPvr

— Neil Paine (@Neil_Paine) May 29, 2016

Remote-controlled cars for dogs are a thing now? pic.twitter.com/lK1XjnkxUR

— David Kaner (@DavidKaner) April 19, 2016

@Neil_Paine my daughter was hanging with her dog Luigi earlier tonight pic.twitter.com/4xNcfbneAX

— zmiller (@zmiller) May 30, 2016

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