WATCH: Best COD Black Ops Player Talks Rise Through eSports & Upcoming Summer Plans

As you might know, we had professional gamer OpTic Scump in the office last week. The visit was awesome, he was awesome, and our conversation was awesome (nbd). Scumpy and I talked about a lot of things within the eSports world and even convinced him to break down some footage/team strategy from OpTic’s epic win over Splyce at the 2016 Electronic Sports World Cup.

You can watch the game film review in the link above, but before he let us peek behind the curtain, Seth talked about how he became the Scump we know today–his rise through the ranks, how he started playing competitively, and how his professional athlete father handled the news that he’d be gaming for stacks of cash.
These guys are doing some exciting things with Turtle Wax this summer, so if you’re into fast cars and eSports, definitely give this video a watch.

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