WATCH: Donald Trump Reveals Plans For "Black vs. White" Version Of The Apprentice

In newly unearthed video from a 2005 interview with Howard Stern, the Republican Presidential nominee revealed his plans for a racially themed version of The Apprentice. It never ends with this guy, does it?
Trump starts: “It would be nine blacks against nine whites,” and then goes on to ramble about how they’d all be smart and intelligent.
Stern, being the genuinely reasonable guy he is,  naturally retorts by saying: “Wouldn’t that set off a racial war?”.
Here’s where the issue is: Trump, of course, responds: “See, actually, I don’t think it would. I think it would be handled very beautifully by me.”
See, as big of problem is the idea itself is — and it’s a horrible one — what worries me is the confidence that he has in himself, and the general lack of awareness it takes to believe any of this is a sound idea. This man is as close to the Oval Office as you can be short of being elected as President, and he doesn’t have the foresight to see that a racially themed reality show might not be such a great idea? And at that, to think the reason it could work is because of himself?!
Eeesh. This upcoming election is going to be a roller coaster ride from political hell.

[h/t Inside Edition]

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