Game Of Thrones Recap: Season 6, Episode 5 Must-See Review For "The Door"

Game Of Thrones sixth season has been so great, many are saying it is the strongest beginning to a season yet. Personally, the fourth season is my favorite, but the sixth is closing in quickly. This weekend’s episode, “The Door”, has the potential to blow the doors off of the season. I have this feeling that the writers have something big planned for the half-way point this season. With the impending Ramsay-Stark battle coming, GoT has a lot of ground to cover, and fast.
First, let’s check out the synopsis:

Tyrion seeks a strange ally, Bran learns a great deal, Brienne goes on a mission, Arya gets a chance to prove herself.

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 5 Recap for “The Door”

For all the idiots in the room, this is a RECAP so obviously SPOILERS ARE AHEAD. Now, let’s get to it:
(Editors Note: This is a college website, so this review was written as I sat in a room with my 5 other buddies. The reactions, opinions, and knowledge – or lack thereof – are both very collective, and very genuine. The quotes are live reactions- word for word.)

Castle Black: Sansa threatens Littlefinger because of what he did, which as she puts it, “saving me from people who killed my family, to give me to people who killed my family.”

Bravos/House of Black and White: Arya gets her ass kicked, then gets her first assassination assignment. She goes to scope out her kill, and the woman is an actress in a play where they make fun of the Stark family, specifically Ned. Arya decides she is going to assassinate the actress who plays Cersei with poison.

Bran Vision: Bran has another vision, where he learns that it was actually the Children of the Forrest who created the White Walkers, in an effort to defend themselves against the First Men.

Iron Islands: Yara bids for the throne. Theon returns to give speech in support of her. Theon’s uncle, Euron, bids for the throne, admits to killing Baylon. Euron is new king of the Iron Islands.

“This played out how the Trump vs Hillary debates are going to go.”

Vayes Dothrak: Khaleesi finds out about Ser Jorah’s gray scale. Ser Friendzone then tells her that he loves her. Again.  Except this time it actually goes kind of alright, as she says she needs him by her side when she is Queen of the realm. She gives him pump up speech about him finding a cure, and Jorah is on his way.

Meereen: Tyrion suggests help from another Red Priestess, who comes in and suggests that Daneyrus is the “one who was promised”. Lord Varys tries to question to her, but the Red Priest straight up embarrasses Lord Varys instead.

Castle Black: Jon Snow, Sansa, Davos, Tormund, Brienne, and Melisandre begin scheming on how they can raise a Stark army. They decide to head to Riverrun to find Sansa’s uncle, The Blackfish.

Bran: Bran forces he way into another vision, this time of the White Walker army again. However, the Night’s King sees him, and is able to grab his arm in thr vision. Bran returns to the real world, where fee Three Eyed Ravens tells him that they must leave because now the Night’s King made his mark on Bran, known where he is, and is on his way. Bran is having another vision to learn as much as he can while Honor packs. The White Walkers show up faster than anticipated, and begin to attack. The Children of the Forrest defend them as long as they can, but they stand no chance. The Three Eyed Raven gets killed. As they escape, Hodor is killed trying to save Bran by “holding the door” shut against the wights.

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Game Of Thrones Live Stream: How To Watch Season 6, Episode 5 “The Door” Live Online
Game Of Thrones Live Stream: How To Watch Season 6, Episode 5 “The Door” Live Online
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