Maria Christina Johnson Photos: Must-See Pictures of Scam Artist

Maria Hainka–a woman who would go by the alias Maria Christina Johnson, Maria Hendricks, Gia Hendricks, or Maria Christina Gia–was arrested in California this weekend for stealing identities and scamming people for years. According to the police, Maria had been using her attractive looks to scam people out of thousands of dollars a year.
First, she would gain access to men’s houses and apartments (guess how?). After some time, Maria would then locate their identifying information, change their mailing address, and open up new lines of credit. After some time, she would then move onto the victims’ families and friends.
The total amount of money that she’s stolen from people is unknown, but in a single case of fraud she had racked up more than $250,000. So yeah, she’s pretty good at her job.
Check out her best photos below.

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