CSU Students Took Their Undie Run To The Next Level

CSU Undie Run 2016

Students at Colorado State University know how to have a good time. We know this. They know this. Hell, even the kids at Boulder know it (even if they won’t readily admit it). So when the CSU administration requested that the students forego their annual Undie Run, what did they expect to happen? That they’d just skip it?
On the contrary, the numbers were almost larger this year than ever before.
All that being said, we didn’t think that people would actually go and get naked. But that’s CSU for ya. Always going above and beyond the call of duty to turn up.

Take a look at the best photos and videos from the last Undie Run some of these CSU Seniors will ever take part in.




WATCH: Drunk Guy Rides Friend Down Stairs
WATCH: Drunk Guy Rides Friend Down Stairs
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