If You Want to Make Bank as an Intern, Work For Snapchat, Twitter or Pinterest

When I was an intern in college, I got paid sh*t. Was this because I worked in publishing? Probably, but I also had friends getting nothing but a daily stank face from their employers in different fields, so WTF is the deal?
Times have certainly changed since then, according to a recent article published by Business Insider.

Rodney Folz, a student at UC Berkeley, shared a survey with computer science departments, current interns, and other coding-focused Facebook groups and email list servers, and came up with a rough list of how much top tech companies are paying for internships.

So…. that’s a whole lot of bullsh*t up there. I’m about to quit my job and become an intern again, particularly for Snapchat, who’s shelling out $10k a month to their interns. Let’s just clarify: that’s $120,000 a year. You could be an intern forever and live better than most full time employees in the United States. Amazing.
Compared to last year’s estimate, things keep going up for tech internships nationwide, though Business Insider does point out possible flaws:

Of course, given that Folz collected this data by survey, there’s a chance that some of the entries were erroneously entered. He tweeted that he will release the raw data from his survey after it’s been properly anonymized.
But the general size of the offers match up with what has previously been published about internship compensation in the tech industry.
In 2014, for example, teenage venture capitalist Tiffany Zhong tweeted out this list of internship offers:

Whatever, they’re still making out better than I did. Bastards.

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