Texas Elementary School Set to be Renamed & The Public Has Some Hilarious Ideas For New Names

Robert E. Lee elementary school in Austin Texas needed a new name. Not wanting to leave anyone out, the school enlisted Netizens’ help to brainstorm.
And the results are hilarious. Here were some of the horrendous nominations school officials received from trolls of the Internet:
Donald J. Trump Elementary – Even though Trump lost the Texas primary, he is the leading candidate in getting his name slapped on a primary school. Have we not learned anything about Trump and education? They’re not exactly synonymous…
The Elementary School Formerly Known as Robert E. Lee – Nice tribute to Prince. RIP Robert E. Lee.
“Idiocaracy” Elementary – Great way to set an example of how not to spell.
Politically Correct Elementary School #1 – Finally! A name that makes sense. Let’s just call it what it is and move the hell on with our day.
Michelle Obama Academy – Hot lunches won’t be a problem.
Kim Il-Sung High School – LOL. Guys, these are primary schoolers, leave the North Koreans out of this.
Kanye West Elementary – Where every kid will say, “I feel like I’m too busy writing history to read it.”
And lastly with eight nominations, surpassing Ronald Reagan Elementary’s paltry three, Adolf Hitler School for Friendship and Tolerance wins the eyeballs.
Imagine sending your six-year-old to Adolf Hitler school to study friendship and tolerance…
Lesson learned: never ask the Internet for help and never, ever move to Texas.
[H/T: TFM]

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