Laney Degrasse is Changing The Modeling World One Insta Snap at a Time

In case you haven’t noticed, we love all women — all body types, colors, heights, sizes, whatever. So when we hear the modeling world trying to downplay the “curvy” models — think Ashley Graham and Iskra Lawrence — we take it pretty personally.
That’s where gorgeous 20-year-old model Laney Degrasse comes in. The brunette stunner is what the modeling world would call an “in-between” model because of her curvy, size six figure. She might not look like the stereotypical girl walking down a runway, but to us (and everyone with eyes), that might actually be a good thing.
“My favorite part of my body is probably my butt,”¬†Degrasse said in a recent interview with¬†Elle. “I’ve always had a pretty big butt compared to my body. It’s kind of like a blessing and a curse because I feel like if I didn’t have my butt, I would do a lot more modeling, but at the same time I have to embrace it because it’s not going anywhere.”
Thank God for that. Check out her hottest photos below.
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