Johnny Manziel Weed Tattoo: Must-See Pictures of 420 Tat

Captain Obvious here just checking in with an update on our boy Johnny Manziel: the dude needs help. Not only has he been tied to a house party that destroyed the rental property (video of that house party here), now BustedCoverage has discovered this morning that Johnny Manziel is now sporting a 420 marijuana tattoo on the outside of his hand.

Full Johnny Manziel Weed Tattoo Story on Busted Coverage

You can see a close-up of the tattoo in the photo above, where on his hand it reads “CDXX” and is then followed by a cannabis leaf. For those of you who skipped Latin, CDXX in roman numerals is 420. CD=400 + XX=20. So yeah, it looks nice but he could have made it a lot more discreet than having it on the outside of his hands.
BustedCoverage reports that a tattoo artist giving out free tattoos was seen at the aforementioned house party, but we’re not certain that’s where Manziel got it. What we can say is that Johnny wasn’t sporting the tattoo a week ago.

So it’s a safe bet that he got the tattoo when he was at… the tattoo parlor. Here’s a photo of celebrity tattoo artist Rafael Valdez inking up Johnny.

Let’s get one thing straight: we’re entirely pro-marijuana use when it comes to both recreational use and as a substitute for pain medication. But we’ll also be the first to say that like every other controlled substance, it’s best to keep things under control.
Maybe Manziel doesn’t actually want to be back in the NFL. It’s not like he’s done anything to show anyone that he does.

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NFL Schedule 2016: Dates, Game Times & TV Channels
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