WATCH: Audi Palo Alto Service Tech Dash Cam Video

An Audi of Palo Alto service technician has been accused of doing cocaine and speeding in the car of one of their customers. While the video doesn’t show actual cocaine use (it’s a dash cam, not a passenger cam), you definitely hear something that sounds a hell of a lot like snorting and the car owner also reported that there was a white substance found in the seams of his car.
That being said, you can definitely tell that the driver of the car is speeding and driving recklessly. He stops on an open road, giggles like an idiot, and then cranks it up to 50 MPH on a city street.
Here’s the description of the video from the original upload:

Audi Service Technician takes vehicle on test drive, where he proceeds to drive recklessly, double speed limits on city streets, and takes a break to indulge in an unknown illicit substance (white powder was left in the seams of my seats) and then continues to drive while under the influence.
This is the abridged version since most will not want to walk 17 minutes of driving.

Speaking of unabridged versions, the uploader Carrera Chris (the owner of the vehicle) uploaded another section of the full video when the service tech pulls into a deserted parking lot to do his drugs. As if the snorting wasn’t enough of a tell, you can clearly hear the service tech fumbling through his pockets and then curse, saying to himself that he’s got a “serious f*cking problem.” Presumably he’s talking about the powder he spilled everywhere.
Of course, it could also be a pill that he’s trying to crush up and then it goes everywhere. Either way, this guy is looking for another job.

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