Parents Are Pretty Pissed About This Teacher's Bizarre Striptease Video & Yeah… It's Weird

Teachers are getting out of control (except for Miss Clarissa — you didn’t deserve that kind of treatment). All they do is teach some pointless math, tear down papers, and bang their students. And while some of that is totally cool with the kids these days (we’re looking at you Vili Fualaau) it’s typically frowned upon by their parents. Bummer.
This IT high school teacher from Tuscany is a great example of what not to do when teaching a room full of teenagers with parents who will kill you. She’s in pretty deep sh*t after footage of her performing a striptease in front of her students went viral. Parents at the Italian high school are asking for her to be fired after she repeatedly flashed her bra to students during what looks to be a weird dance break we can’t really explain.
The video was reportedly captured in a classroom by one of the teens and everyone has something to say about it.
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What… the f*ck is happening?
According to Mirror,

It has now been posted on the ‘Azione Giovani’ (‘Youth Action’) Facebook page, deemed her behaviour ‘shameful’, reports the newspaper il Tirreno .
A representative from the group which released the video, Philip Balugani, told local media it must have come from a student at the school.
Headmistress Maria Grazia Tempesti said she was shocked but declined to fully comment on the video.
But she said the school has started disciplinary action and had summoned other teachers to investigate the case.

Well damn. Apparently the teacher never received any complaints prior to this bizarre incident. And it probably would’ve stayed that way if some fool didn’t tape it on their phone. Way to ruin it for everyone, d*ck!

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