This is How Long You Should Last in Bed, According to Science

Here’s a nice icebreaker question: How long do you last in bed?
Before you hang your head in shame, it helps to ask “How long does sex ‘normally’ last?”
Thanks to Dr. Brendan Zietsch from the University of Queensland, science has weighed in (again) to tell the world exactly how much time we should be spending in the act of physical love.

More than 500 couples from around the world timed themselves having sex over a four-week period to attain a general conclusion as to when ejaculation typically occurs.
Of course, sex is rarely just about ejaculation; there’s all that rubbing, kissing, and grinding (more commonly referred to as “foreplay” for anyone who’s not getting laid), but to keep things simple, the study only measured the time from penetration to ejaculation.
Participants pressed a timer at the start of penetration and pressed stop after the big O commenced. This might ruin the mood, but science is rarely perfect.
The study found sexy time lasts anywhere between 33 seconds and 44 minutes. The median time is a whopping 5.4 minutes.
Now here’s the interesting part: older men did NOT last longer than younger men.
“Another surprising finding was that the older the couple, the shorter the sex, contrary to the prevailing wisdom (probably peddled by older men),” Zietsch continued.
So really, stop fighting science. If you want to “last longer”, quadruple the foreplay. You heard it here first.

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