Hannah Ferguson Takes It Off For Triumph Lingerie's Latest Campaign

You may remember Hannah Ferguson from her scantily clad photo shoots with Sports Illustrated (and if you don’t you’re going to want to check those out ASAP), but her latest endeavor features less swimsuit and more lace lingerie.
The 23-year-old model is the star of Triumph Lingerie’s latest ad campaign, where she plays a new mother overcome by stress and her new body. Naturally Triumph Lingerie is the only thing that can make her feel like the sexy mofo that she is. Sounds like a good storyline… except for the fact that they chose a f*cking supermodel to play a woman who is supposed to be upset with her body. Not exactly believable, but we’ll let it slide strictly because of how much we love Hannah Ferguson,
Sure, most of the video is a cartoon, but stick with it until the end — you won’t regret it. Check it out below.


[H/T: The Daily Mail]

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