The Best North Carolina Tar Heel Memes Of March Madness 2016

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The UNC Tar Heels have made it to the Final Four Championship and are just 40 minutes away from earning their sixth National Title and their third under head coach Roy Williams. Anyone who knows anything about Roy Williams knows the man takes his job very seriously. But the fans? The fans are just out there having fun, celebrating not only an ACC championship but also the chance to win the March Madness trophy in Houston.
Luckily for the Tar Heel fans, their team is favored by 2.5 points (not a lot, but better than being the underdog).
As such, North Carolina Tar Heels are confident as can be today. UNC Tar Heel memes are everywhere we look on Twitter and Instagram so check out the best ones below.

Update–4/5/2016: Welp. We were wrong. UNC lost to Villanova in one of the craziest end games we’ve ever seen. But a big shoutout goes to Villanova for the coming through in the clutch, and a big hat tip to the UNC guys who took the loss on the chin like men.
All that being said, last night was also a huge night for the Crying Jordan meme.

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