Hamburger Helper Mixtape Is The Flavor These Streets Needed

Hamburger Helper Watch The Stove

After a full day of checking out stupid corporate April Fool’s Day jokes, the last thing I wanted to do was click play on a Hamburger Helper Mixtape. But I couldn’t be happier I did. Because this thing is amazing.

Obviously a glove wasn’t responsible for making a five track, five star mixtape, so a big shoutout to producers Dexquexatron X000, Retro Spectro, illwin, Realistic Productions, GenReal, and @itsdandy.

Stream or download Watch The Stove via our embedded Soundcloud below.

Watch The Stove Track List

1. Feed The Streets (prod. DEQUEXATRON XOOO Bobby Raps & DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip)
2. Hamburger Helper (prod. Retro Spectro)
3. Crazy (prod. illwin and Realistic Productions)
4. Food For Your Soul (prod. GenReal)
5. In Love With The Glove (prod. @itsdandy)

Watch The Stove Album Cover

Watch The Stove


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