Gronk Has Joined Instagram, I Repeat, Gronk Has Joined Instagram

This is not a drill.
Rob Gronkowski, Gronk, or as I like to think of him, a cross between a gladiator, Johnny Manziel, Dan Bilzerian, and Tom Hanks in Big, has joined Instagram. And as Gronk usually does, he came in HOT AF. It’s a 60 second video of Gronk doing Gronk things. Behold:

His Instagram username is simply Gronk.
I mean, let’s talk logistics here. This is literally his first Instagram post, and he has already exceeded most people’s entire social media profile history. I can only imagine where he takes it from here. We know he won’t do anything that stupid. See, the difference between Manziel and Gronk is, as unintelligent as Gronk may be, he isn’t an a**hole, and he’s smart enough to not get caught partying. I have no doubt that Gronk probably does blow. I mean come on, look at the guy. And they don’t even test in the off season. But he’s smart enough not to do it in a f*cking bathroom where anyone can easily Snapchat a quick picture of you.
Gronk is essentially this kid from Black Mass, as he learned long ago that it’s not what you do, but when and where you do it, and who you do it to or with:
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Speaking of Snapchat, is Gronk on Snapchat? He needs to be on Snapchat.

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