Hot Nurse Surrenders License For Really Weird Reason & You Should Be Sad

Kristen Johnson may have done something stupid, but all of upstate New York is in mourning. Or at least, we think they are.
The 27-year-old blonde is definitely a hot nurse, but will most likely never practice in the medical field again. Johnson surrendered her license after she was convicted of taking photos of an unconscious patient’s appendages in 2014. According to, she also used her iPhone 5 to take a video of another nurse cleaning an incapacitated female patient’s gastrointestinal blood clot where the patient’s rectum could be seen.
Weird, right? It gets weirder — she then took the content and decided to text it to people, including some of her fellow colleagues. Because she’s really, really smart.
The state Board of Regents announced that did “not contest the charge of moral unfitness in the practice,” and yeah… you can see where this is going.
Ok, we get that. But can we just admire her one last time? Stupidity and all?
New York Daily News
Yeah. She pled guilty in November to “disseminating of unlawful surveillance photos,” and received three year’s probation.
Dammit Kristen! We wouldn’t be in this situation if you just thought for ONE SECOND! WAY TO RUIN IT FOR ALL OF US!
[H/T: New York Daily News]

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