Draymond Green Loves Snapchat A Little Too Much

Draymond Green’s Snapchat is one of the best NBA snapchat accounts to follow–mostly because he’s just as outspoken on Snapcrack as he is on the court. That’s just just the way he is. So along the way, we’ll update you with the craziest things that Draymond’s posting on Snapchat: starting with him driving way too fast.
This afternoon, Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green posted a Snapchat video of him driving a car at 118 miles per hour. You can watch the Snapchat for yourself–his username is @Green23Money–but the story itself is pretty boring.

Update 7/31/2016: Draymond Green accidentally posted a d*ck pic to his Snapchat story while flying with the Team USA Basketball squad. It’s pretty much what you’d expect from a n00d, but if you still feel like checking it out we linked to Draymond Green’s NSFW snapchat photo here for you. Be warned, though…
Of course Draymond immediately realized his mistake and went on Twitter to claim that he was hacked. Suuuure…

Update 7/11/2016: On Sunday, Draymond Green was apparently arrested for assault in East Lansing, MI. But as of Monday morning, Draymond is now posting Snaps from a helicopter in New York City.

We’re just talking about it because I think you’re going to see the reigning DPOY suspended because of this. OK OK maybe not suspended but definitely punished. Maybe not tonight, because the Warriors take on the Clippers, but sometime down the line.

Not only is driving 118 MPH a stupid thing to do for a man who’s got so much going for him, recording an illegal activity, doing it on his phone (also illegal), and then typing emojis on his phone while driving is much worse. That’s putting peoples’ lives other than your own in danger.
Draymond’s made a real name for himself in the NBA for his attitude on and off the court, but this kind of behavior isn’t what you want if you’re the Warriors who have one of the cleanest images in NBA Championship history.

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