Cincinnati Scores Game-Tying Dunk Exactly One Second Too Late [GIF]

This is why we can’t have any perfect brackets. Cincinnati went up against St. Joseph last night in the the final first round game of the 2016 NCAA Tournament — and managed to lose just because the Bearcat’s Octavius Ellis attempted to dunk the ball in the final seconds of the game instead of going for a layup that might’ve shaved two seconds off his time spent making the basket.
As you’ll see in the heartbreaking gif below, that meant Octavius lit up the backboard exactly one second too late to even the score at 78-78. Instead, Cincinnati lost a chance to go into overtime, and also lost the game by an official two points. Damn it.
We kind of want to be bitter about Octavius, too. He spent five years of college basketball going in and out of Cincinnati before finally getting his head right and becoming a proper college star. Then he goes and wrap s up his college career with this flashy bad play. Damn it, Octavius. At least it’s a dramatic gif, though….

March Madness Results 2016, Week 1: Scores & Bracket
March Madness Results 2016, Week 1: Scores & Bracket
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