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Nannette Hammond Drops $500k to Look Like Barbie

Nannette Hammond Hot Photos


Meet Nannette Hammond: a 42-year-old woman who somehow manages to be tanner than Donald Trump and has enough money to achieve her life goal of looking like a human barbie.

Again, another person who wants to look like a plastic children’s toy. We’d think it was more disturbing if it wasn’t for everyone else who had similar dreams, but Hammond is a special case. The woman handed plastic surgeons more than $150,000 to make her dream a reality.

What. The. F*ck.

In an interview with The Daily Mail, Hammond discusses her obsession. “I loved playing with those dolls,” she explains. “I felt shy and self-conscious about my looks and wanted to be just like the dolls, I imagined they’d always be happy. I felt drab in comparison.”

Yes Nannette, because anything without a brain or a heart is always happy. Unless you also got a lobotomy to go along with that boob job, we’re guessing your SOL on this one.

She elaborated:

Nannette has revealed how, after years of yearning for Barbie looks, she began using sunbeds at 16 for a year-round tan.

Then five years later she had her first round of surgery, a breast augmentation from a B to a C-cup, later going up to a DD.

After getting a job as a nurse for a cosmetic surgeon at the age of 17, Nannette had collagen lip fillers and Botox injections – a habit that she still maintains to this day and that costs her around $1,420 (£1,000) a pop.

She now sports a 28H bust along with $54,000 worth of veneers, and insists that she will look like this when she is 70-years-old. Considering she has a rich husband who “just wants [her] to be happy,” we bet that’s the case. Good for her!

Check out what that money bought below (warning: what you see can never be unseen).


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