Best Netflix Original Series

In my semi-professional opinion, (I work for a media company and watch a hell of a lot of TV, so that should count for something), pound for pound, Netflix is currently the third best producer of television programming. Behind the G.O.A.T. HBO, and the always remarkable AMC. After that, and comfortably ahead of Showtime, is Netflix.
Netflix’s original programming, and streaming service in general, is the stuff of legend. On the brink of bankruptcy, streaming services boomed and brought Netflix back from the day, paving the way for their creation of original content, which they are now an industry leader in. Just how dominant is Netflix these days?┬áIn January 2016, Netflix reported that it had 74 million subscribers, including 44 million in the U.S. Netflix subscriptions are about $96 a year, so multiply that by 74 MILLION, and you have quite the coin.
Needless to say, Netflix came out swinging’: House Of Cards, one of the best shows on television, was their first original show. Since then, it’s been nothing but steady quality. Netflix now produces hundreds of hours of original programming around the world. Sure, not every show is a hit, but the same can be said about HBO and AMC. And what Netflix succeeds at most, is diversity. There is something for everyone. How many girls have you heard run on and on about Orange Is The New Black? Dozens? Probably. And how many minutes of that show have you watched? Zero? Me too. Point is, with so much diversity, it can be hard to find exactly which Netflix original is for you. So, combining my opinion, the opinions of my friends, and critical reviewed, I have figured out the best 5 original Netflix shows for every guy out there.

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WATCH: Game Of Thrones Dragons Crash New York City
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