Internship Promises Paid Trips to Bars, Shooting Ranges & Pretty Much Anything You Can Think Of

They say if you do what you love, you never have to work a day in your life. Well, if you like getting the occasional lap dance, shooting guns, hopping into hot tubs with hot strangers, and getting obliterated at a bar without having to pay for anything, you’re in luck. We just found your dream job.
The Stag, a British company that offers online planning for bachelor parties, is currently looking for a student or recent graduate to join their team as an intern. However, unlike my first internship, you won’t spend your days getting coffee and being berated by a bunch of older women wearing too much perfume. You’ll be traveling the f*cking world and getting everything paid for.
Trips to Prague, Budapest, Bratislava and Brighton are all part of the package deal, as are activities like bar crawls, paintball wars, racing cars, golfing, clay pigeon shooting, and anything else dudes want to do before selling their soul to matrimony.
Tempting doesn’t even begin to describe the listing:

Leading stag do organiser The Stag Company are looking for a travel enthusiast to take on-board an exciting content internship. The successful candidate will get a unique all-expenses paid for experience of traveling to four top stag do destinations (Prague, Budapest, Bratislava & Brighton), where they will take part in popular stag do activities such as adrenaline sports, bar crawls, lap dancing, shooting and more.
The Stag Company are looking for somebody who has a genuine passion for travel and documenting their new experiences with words and images, as they will be required to create content in blog and vlog formats that showcase stag activites and destinations. This means that the intern will need strong writing skills and be comfortable and confident on camera.
The candidates must be available to travel over four consecutive weekends in June 2016, and must be willing to immerse themselves in the stag weekend experience.

Done, done, andddddd done. Sign us up!

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