Spring Break 2016 Tips: Helpful Hints To Help You Survive

Spring Break is finally here and if you’re looking to have a good time and come back in one piece, we suggest taking a quick look at our Spring Break tips and tricks. And who better to learn from than people who’ve just come back home?
We’ve scoured the internet for advice from people who’ve returned home from Spring Break to give you up-to-date information on one of the most dangerous adventures of your life.
**This post is constantly updating, so check back for more tips and tricks. If you have any suggestions make sure to tweet them at us.**

Cabo Spring Break Tips

On going into town by yourself (source):

  1. Don’t go into town, especially after dark. Seriously, it’s a great way to get robbed, had a friend/brother get robbed a knifepoint in cabo last year because he was drunk and walked off the resort. With this, don’t go anywhere outside of the general vicinity of the resort alone, especially girls.
  2. If your hotel has an all inclusive drink pass (most do from what I remember) buy it, you will not be disappointed with your choice at the end of the week.
  3. You can buy your way out of shit with the cops, that said, don’t put yourself in a situation where you have to do this. They are corrupt as fuck and will beat you/throw you in jail if they think you’re holding out on them (also had a friend in which this happened).
  4. Leave your dignity at home.

On buying drugs (source):

  1. Don’t buy coke at the clubs. dont buy coke on the beach without seeing it or trying it. Higher chance of dealers working with police at the clubs. Theyll sell you the blow, go tell the bouncers which youll have to pay off, and then go tell the cops which youll also have to pay off. Common tourist scam I’ve seen a lot of frat guys get busted for. You won’t go to jail if you have a few hundred bucks, but it sure is a buzzkill.

Gulf Shores Spring Break Tips

From a Spring Breaker who just got back from there:

yeah i just got back from there and it was a good time, but the cops were pretty ruthless. saw a handful of people get arrested for either having drugs on them or just being a fuckboi so just be smart and you’ll be alright. also saw a bunch of people get pulled over on the main street where all the houses were rented for usually no reason, and a few of them got fucked for open containers or drugs in the car. but as far as being on the beach during the day I never saw anyone get busted by a cop, just usually in a house or on the street. (source)

Daytona Beach Spring Break Tips

How to enjoy your time in Daytona Beach (source):

Hit up Mai Tai over at the ocean walk. Killer drink deals (and good drinks too). Don’t buy the fishbowls from sloppy joes, they’re nothing but juice. Deck bar area at Joe’s crabshack on the pier is awesome. 509 and the bars on sea breeze Blvd can get rowdy during SB, I’d definitely give it a go. Either take a cab or be careful where you park. They Ticket and tow like crazy in that area.


Key West, FL Spring Break Tips

• Booze cruises are where you want to be–apparently the Rum ‘n’ Reggae one is where it’s at.

• Consider renting a boat. But remember, drinking and boating is illegal.

• Consider renting a scooter and checking out the area.

• Key West is less strict when it comes to fake IDs.

• Smather’s Beach and Dante’s pool bar are solid day spots. Rick’s is a solid night spot…

South Padre Island Spring Break Tips

• Get the wristband that gives you covers into the clubs for free.
• If you’re in a fraternity, make someone responsible for bringing the flagpole. If you’re not in a fraternity, bring your school flag. Not that you need it, but it’ll help you meet new people.
• There are free shuttles in SPI. Take them and only pay for cabs at night.
• Stay with your cooler or risk losing what’s in it.
• Daydrink, nap, pregame, club. Do not stray from this order.
• Find an afterparty for when the clubs close at 2 AM.
• Coke beach is where it’s at, but if you want to do something different go on the booze cruise. It’s BYOB.

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