Vegas Bookmakers Like Kansas To Win The Tournament This Year

March Madness predictions are probably the next thing you’re going to want to know now that the NCAA Basketball Tournament has officially begun. Because let’s be honest, putting money on the games is one of the reasons that the March Madness is such an awesome time.
Most Vegas bookmakers recently announced their odds and betting lines for March Madness. The Kansas Jayhawks are the top dog this year, with Michigan State hanging back in second place.

For more in-depth coverage on who’s predicted to win it all, check out the full odds from Bovada.


Opening Lines

Obviously we can’t jump ahead to the second round, but here are the lines that Vegas has set for the first round of March Madness. Check back after the first round’s completion for the next set of games.
First Four

No. 16 seed Farleigh Dickinson plus-6 vs. No. 16 seed Florida Gulf Coast

No. 11 seed Vanderbilt plus-3 vs. No. 11 seed Wichita State

No. 16 seed Southern minus-3 vs. No. 16 seed Holy Cross

No. 11 seed Tulsa plus-1.5 vs. No. 11 seed Michigan

South Region

No. 1 seed Kansas minus-24.5 vs. No. 16 seed Austin Peay

No. 8 seed Colorado minus-3.5 vs. No. 9 seed Connecticut

No. 5 seed Maryland minus-8.5 vs. No. 12 seed South Dakota State

No. 4 seed California minus-6.5 vs. No. 13 seed Hawaii

No. 3 seed Miami minus-13 vs. No. 14 seed Buffalo

No. 7 seed Iowa minus-7 vs. No. 10 seed Temple

No. 2 seed Villanova minus-15 vs. No. 15 seed UNC Asheville

West Region

No. 8 seed Saint Joseph’s plus-2 vs. No. 9 seed Cincinnati

No. 5 seed Baylor minus-5 vs. No. 12 seed Yale

No. 4 seed Duke minus-9.5 vs. No. 13 seed UNC-Wilmington

No. 6 seed Texas minus-5 vs. No. 11 seed Northern Iowa

No. 3 seed Texas A&M minus-12.5 vs. No. 14 seed Green Bay

No. 7 seed Oregon State plus-3.5 vs. No. 10 seed VCU

No. 2 seed Oklahoma minus-13 vs. No. 15 seed Cal-State Bakersfield

East Region

No. 8 seed USC plus-1.5 vs. No. 9 seed Providence

No. 5 seed Indiana minus-11 vs. No. 12 seed Tennessee-Chattanooga

No. 4 seed Kentucky minus-13.5 vs. No. 13 seed Stony Brook

No. 3 seed West Virginia minus-6 vs. No. 14 seed Stephen F. Austin

No. 7 seed Wisconsin minus-1.5 vs. No. 10 seed Pittsburgh

No. 2 seed Xavier minus-13.5 vs. No. 15 seed Weber State

Midwest Region

No. 1 seed Virginia minus-23.5 vs. No. 16 seed Hampton

No. 8 seed Texas Tech plus-3 vs. No. 9 seed Butler

No. 5 seed Purdue minus-7.5 vs. No. 12 seed Arkansas-Little Rock

No. 4 seed Iowa State minus-7 vs. No. 13 seed Iona

No. 6 seed Seton Hall pick’em vs. No. 11 seed Gonzaga

No. 3 seed Utah minus-8 vs. No. 14 seed Fresno State

No. 7 seed Dayton minus-1.5 vs. No. 10 seed Syracuse

No. 2 seed Michigan State minus-16.5 vs. No. 15 seed Middle Tennessee

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