LISTEN: 3 Doors Down, Us and the Night Stream: New Album

3 Doors Down is one of those ’90s bands everybody knows and nobody can quite place. Can you name their big hit? I bet you think it’s “Superman.” It is not. It’s called “Kryptonite.” Now you know. And knowing is half of remembering 3 Doors Down. The other half? Placing them. Which you just did, so congratulations!
Anyway, they have a new album, and it’s called Us and the Night, which I think you’ll agree, accompanies a pretty damn good album cover. Look at them there, emerging from the mist like Lost Boys aliens closely encountering you in a third or fourth or even fifth kind of way.
Glibness aside, this band has its own charity, The Better Life Foundation, that helps kids by pairing with other charities to prevent child abuse and child homelessness and other bad things that happen to children. So I think we can all give them a solid round of applause for that.
Hey, want to hear the details of Us and the Night?

Stream 3 Doors Down’s Us and the Night

[spotify id=”spotify:album:01zrTZowtMtqYutWzzDgds” width=”300″ height=”380″ /]
Spotify is the best place for you to stream Us and the Night. The worst place? In an actual stream, miles from civilization. What were you thinking? Get out of that body of water.

Buy 3 Doors Down’s Us and the Night on iTunes

Do you hate windows? Sure you do! You like doors! Lots of doors! Maybe  even three, if you feel you need that many. Stick it to Windows by downloading Us and the Night on Apple’s iTunes.

Buy 3 Doors Down’s Us and the Night on Amazon

Admit it: you’re lonely, and you just want company. Like a drone. Oh man, a drone would be so cool! You two could become best friends and fight crime together. Order Us and the Night from Amazon and select their drone delivery. Assuming that’s a real thing by now.

Buy 3 Doors Down’s Us and the Night at Target

Target’s exclusive deal gets you two extra songs when you buy Us and the Night through them, and is definitely the recommended way to pick up 3 Doors Down’s newest album.

3 Doors Down’s Us and the Night Track List

1. The Broken
2. In The Dark
3. Still Alive
4. Believe It
5. Living In Your Hell
6. Inside Of Me
7. I Don’t Wanna Know
8. Pieces Of Me
9. Love Is A Lie
10. Us And The Night
11. Fell From The Moon

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