South Padre Island Police Department Spying On Spring Breakers With Drones

South Padre Island, Texas is one of the few places in the United States where police it’s legal for Spring Breakers to bring any non-glass source of alcohol onto the beach. That’s one of the many reasons SPI is one of the busiest places for college Spring Breakers. But in additon to plainclothes police officers, the South Padre Island Police Department has another way of keeping an eye on things: drones.
According to The Dallas News, SPIPD has added two drones to their force and will focus them on the beach.

They are equipped with high-optical lenses and can offer a clear view of the Island from above. The additions aims to help police keep safe the more than 25,000 college students who are expected throughout the month.
“It’s going to give us a bird’s eye view when we need it,” Gary Ainsworth, the city of South Padre Island’s public information officer, told the Valley Morning Star. “It’s a 4K camera, so it’s crystal clear.”

But they’re not going to put the drones in the shed after Spring Break is over. The police claim they’ll keep using them, probably as a way to keep on eye on the swimmers rather than the beach brawls.
Is this something Spring Breakers should be worried about? Not really. Drinking on the beach is already something the SPI government’s made legal, the only people who have to worry are these drones are people getting into fights or sexually assaulting someone. As for the women “taking them out for the boys,” it’s not like you weren’t going to be recorded anyways.
Think of this as insurance that you get to go home safely.

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