There Are Levels To The Samsung Level U PRO Wireless Headsets

Anyone who works out with music will tell you that you won’t notice good headphones or earbuds, but bad ones will stand out immediately. For the most part, that statement still stands true, but I’ve got to say that I’ve really enjoyed my experience wearing the Samsung Level U PRO wireless headphones. The wrap-around-the-neck style of them is perfect for running, lifting, or commuting on the train.

If you’re in the market for a solid pair of Bluetooth wireless headphones, read more on what we have to say about the Level U PRO below.

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Comfort and Ease of Use

The thing that stands out to me the most about the Level U PRO headphones is that once they’re on, I completely forget they’re there. On multiple occasions I’ve scoured my apartment for them only to realize that not only are they around my neck, they’re in my ears.

And because of their wrap-around design, you’ll never have to worry again about the painful feeling when an earbud pops out of your ear when your phone drops down. Obviously Samsung didn’t invent the design of around-the-neck wireless headphones, but what makes the Level U PRO so amazing are the way they utilize the design.

There are two microphones on the Level PROs. The first one is located on one of the tips of the arms of the neck band–that’s the one you talk into. The second microphone is right on your neck–that’s the one that helps filter out the ambient noise.

Connection to my phone was easy as pie, as is controlling the music and volume–both of which are located on the right arm. The batteries are also supposed to last for 10 hours of music playback, but I haven’t truthfully haven’t let them go for that long.

Also, side note: they look nice. Like, really nice. That’s always a big plus in our book.

Thoughts: A

Sound Quality

Understandably, the most important thing to me with headphones are the quality of sound. Thanks to the UHQA (Ultra High Quality Audio) and 13mm speakers, the Level U Pros bump loud music very clearly.

I did notice that (because of the bluetooth connection) there were times that the music got a little choppy, but that only happened when my phone was deep in my jeans and my thick jacket was blocking the signal. Once I lost a layer, though, everything went back to normal.

Thoughts: A-

Phone Call Quality

I’ve made a couple of phone calls on my Level U PRO, making sure to ask the callers about how the quality of call. The responses from them weren’t that I was “crystal clear,” but I would chalk that up to the fact that my jacket was partially covering the microphone at times.

On the other end, I could hear them perfectly.

Thoughts: B+


The Level U PRO isn’t called a “PRO” for nothing. One of the coolest things about these headphones are the fact that you can connect and share audio with a second Level U PRO, Level On Wireless PRO or Level On Wireless headset. That’s pretty nifty for when you’re with a workout partner or traveling with a friend.

The fact that the earbuds are splash and sweat resistant is huge for me. I can’t tell you the number of earbuds I’ve literally drowned in my own sweat.

Samsung touts the fact that you can customize the earphones and their quality within the free-to-use Samsung Levels app, but I haven’t noticed anything incredible from within the app. That being said, you can customize the sound levels if you’d like, but you can also go without the app if you prefer.

Thoughts: B+

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