Victoria McGrath: Full of Northeastern Student Who Died In Car Crash

Victoria McGrath, a student at Northeastern University, died in a fatal car crash in Dubai along with her fellow student Priscilla Perez Torres. The school confirmed the tragedy this morning.

Northeastern University has confirmed that two undergraduate students have been tragically killed in a car accident overseas. Our hearts go out to the family and friends of Victoria McGrath and Priscilla Perez Torres in this extremely difficult time.

Previously, Victoria’s name had been in the papers because she was one of the survivors of the Boston Marathon Bombing back in April of 2013. A photo of her being carried to safety by Boston Firefighter Jimmy Plourde became one of the lasting images of the terror attack. You can see that picture in the link below:

Who Is Victoria McGrath?

Victoria is from Weston, Connecticut. The oldest of three siblings (two brothers), Victoria was smart enough to make it into Northeastern University, a fantastic school in Boston. There she double majored in Finance and International Affairs. But things took a slight turn for the worst on April 15, 2013 when she became one of 170 victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing.
Victoria was a student at Northeastern University who had interned at Goldman Sachs as a Private Wealth Management Analyst last semester (a job we can only assume is much more difficult than during the summer considering the fact she had classwork).

Victoria McGrath Boston Bombing

While Victoria was spectating the Boston Marathon, she was standing just five feet from where the bomb went off. Her leg was wounded by the homemade pipe bomb’s shrapnel. Bleeding profusely, she was carried to safety by Boston Fireman Jimmy Plourde, who had also wrapped her leg in a tourniquet. Considering that the shrapnel had hit her artery, that decision to put Victoria in a tourniquet saved her life.
Here’s the scene from, that describes how Jimmy took over care for Victoria:

“There was a guy with a young girl [Victoria], and he’s like, `you’ve got to help her,’ and he just started putting the tourniquet on and I said, `you got to get out of here,’ and he said `you got to take her out.’ And I said `I got this,’ and I tied the tourniquet on. And there was a woman and I said `you gotta leave,’ and she’s like, `this is my daughter, I’m not going anywhere,'” Plourde told News, an Albany television station.

Once she was taken into a medical tent, Victoria continued to be frantic. That’s when Tyler Dodd, a medic within the tent, lied and told Victoria he was a veteran who had served in Afghanistan. Dodd remembers telling Victoria that he had suffered a leg injury just like his and that she’d be fine after the surgery. That was a lie, Dodd had never served, but nonetheless Victoria was happy to hear that.

Dubai Car Crash

Update–3/8/2016: It’s now being reported that Victoria and Priscilla were involved in a car crash that killed four people. According to EliteDaily, they were passengers in a rented Ferrari 458 Spider that crashed into a pole at 12:40 am on Sunday in Dubai.
The sports car was being driven by Canadian boxer Cody Nixon who was with his friend James Portuondo. Apparently Cody squeezed the four of them into the car (that should only fit two) when he lost control of the car. After spinning out, the Ferrari 458 Spider hit a pole at 90 miles per hour which split the car in half.
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Victoria McGrath, Northeastern Student Who Survived Boston Bombing, Dies In Dubai Car Crash
Victoria McGrath, Northeastern Student Who Survived Boston Bombing, Dies In Dubai Car Crash
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