Dominique McElligot: Hottest Photos of House of Cards' Hannah Conway

dominique mcelligot hannah conway house of cards hot photos

Dominique McElligot is one of the newest characters in House of Cards Season 4 available on only Netflix. Dominique plays Hannah Conway, the beautiful wife of William Conway and First Lady of New York. In our opinion, she’s just one of a million reasons that House of Cards is the most binge-worthy show on television today.
Without ruining anything in the show, its a testament to Hannah’s character that we wouldn’t mind seeing her as First Lady of the United States. Obviously we’re partial to Claire, but still…

Anyways, the chances are that Season 4 of HOC will be your first time seeing Dominique in action, but you should do yourself a favor and check her out in the dark indie comedy, The Guard (think In Bruges, but Irish and with corrupt policemen).

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