Everybody is Searching 'How To Move to Canada' After Trump Primary Wins

No, this headline is not some sort of sick joke – Donald Trump really did win a bunch of state primaries yesterday and the majority of people with some kind of bran function left started googling “how to move to Canada” in response.
I may or may not have been included in that group of google searchers.
According to Mashable, the google search surged just hours after Donald Trump won seven state primaries, making him way too close to being the next president of the United States.
Google Data Editor Simon Rogers first pointed out the trend last night with the following tweet:

By midnight, the question rose 1,150% before heading back down to the 500% mark, which still seems pretty high if you ask me.
But that’s not even the half (or most hilarious) part about the whole thing. Per Mashable:

So many Americans were searching for instructions on leaving this great nation that the Canadian government’s website seemed to be having problems.
An error message on the site at 12:06 a.m. ET read: “You may experience delays while using the website. We are working to resolve this issue. Thank you for your patience.”
It wasn’t clear, however, if that message was related to the spike in searches. However, it wasn’t there in February, according to an archived version of the website on the Wayback Machine, and it was cited for the first time in tweets on Tuesday.

Yeah… we’re going with the answer that search is to blame. It’s the price you pay when humanity is going to hell, you know? But if a large majority of people are googling how to move to Canada, how is the insanely tan business tycoon winning to begin with? JUST TELL ME HOW?
The world is a cruel, dark place.


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