Looking For a Job? Netflix Will Pay You an Insane Amount of Money Just to Instagram

To those who sadly remain unemployed because they’re looking for a job that doesn’t include sitting at a desk for eight hours a day and wasting away for all of eternity, we have great news. Actually, Netflix has great news.
The popular streaming service and only reason the term ‘Netflix & Chill’ exists is holding a contest to find four people to take behind-the-scenes photos on the sets of shows and post them on Instagram. Talk about a dream job.
Winners will travel for two full weeks, visiting various sets for Netflix series and films in Europe and the Middle East. Not only will Netflix pick up the tab, but you’ll also be paid $2,000 a week.
They announced the contest on Instagram and posted details on their website. The directions on how to apply are pretty simple:
We’re already making our Instagram more impressive to win this thing. Who’s with us?


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