Joey Bosa Unleashes Twitter Rant: 'I'll be Retired at 35, and You'll Still Be Paying off Student Loan Debt'

Joey Bosa, the Ohio State Buckeyes star defense player, just had the biggest job interview of his life this weekend – the 2016 NFL draft. But come Monday night, a group of of Twitter critics fished out his old tweets and ruined his fun. In short: he was seriously trolled and JB was not amused.
Bosa unleashed his apparent anger in a series of tweets that he later deleted, which included some questionable statements: “I’ll be retired by 35, and you’ll be slaving away to pay back student loan debt.”
Ouch. On the other hand, the man has a point. But who wants to hear that when they’re drowning in $200,000 tuition?
Humility is clearly not part of his vocabulary. But then again, the possibility of him suffering brain damage after all of those hits is high, so there’s that.
Despite deleting his rage-ridden tweets, College Spun snagged some screenshots. Thank God for the Internet:
College Spun
He might not have been entertained, but we sure as hell were. Keep them coming, Bosa!
[H/T: College Spun]

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