LISTEN: Simple Plan, Taking One For The Team Stream: New Album

Simple Plan, the Canadian emo rock group who were most popular ten years ago released their new album today. The record is titled Taking One for the Team–an analogy I can relate to after writing this article myself, rather than giving it to an intern, after realizing that they’d probably quit if I told them to write anything about Simple Plan.
Please do not judge me or my already questionable previous work for this article. I’m simply writing about the biggest music releases of the day, and believe it or not, Taking One for the Team is the biggest album of the week.
You see, Simple Plan has a loyal group of fans who’ve helped support the rock group even though emo music and pop-punk is largely dead. Need proof? Somehow they’re #1 on the Hardcore/Punk charts over in Amazon Canada. That’s not quite platinum status, but it’s something.
Hey, at least they’re not making fun of Taylor Swift or in debt right?

Stream Taking One For The Team

[spotify id=”spotify:album:0cDtMoDHC3Pja0V1qrfBdT” width=”300″ height=”380″ /]

Download Taking One For The Team

If you’d prefer to download Simple Plan’s Taking One for the Team and spend money to ensure you own a copy of songs like “I’m Just a Kid” and “I Refuse” forever, then simply head to iTunes via this link and purchase it.

Taking One For The Team Track List

1. Opinion Overload
2. Boom!
3. Kiss Me Like Nobody’s Watching
4. Farewell
5. Singing in the Rain (featuring R. City)
6. Everything Sucks
7. I Refuse
8. I Don’t Wanna Go To Bed (feat. Nelly)
9. Nostalgic
10. Perfectly Perfect
11. I Don’t Wanna Be Sad
12. PS I Hate You
13. Problem Child
14. I Dream About You.

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