St John's Student Threat To Break "Trump" Laptop Goes Viral, Things Get Bad Fast

A St. John’s University student here in New York City tweeted out a photo of fellow female student with a Donald Trump sticker on her computer with the caption “7000 retweets and I’ll smash this b*tches computer.”
As you can see, that tweet isn’t just still up, it’s currently sitting at 18,000 RTs. And before we continue, let’s just point out that the woman’s laptop is apparently still intact. But because @OckIsDead’s (Clifford Durant–a name he openly uses on Twitter) tweet did actually go viral, it took absolutely no time at all for his threat to be reported to St. John’s. Thankfully we’ve got people like @TheNordicNation protecting us all.
Call me crazy, but I don’t really think a student attending St. John’s is going to assault a woman during lunchtime for her laptop. But whatever.

Similarly, it also took no time for him to start getting death threats from racists who don’t even live in the North East, let alone go to Saint John’s University. I’m not going to pretend to know the whole story but from what we can tell, the girl left the room, came back, and found out about the tweet.
That’s when things get a little unclear. Some of @Ock’s friends claim that she threw a full cup of coffee in his face or something. Here’s what The Daily News wrote about the incident (via a “student” who is probably/definitely the woman’s friend).

A short time later the two ran into one another in a hallway and a fight broke out over the picture, according to students.
“She asked him to take down the post and he said “make me,” one student told the Daily News.
The tweeter, who uses the name OCK PAPI on the site, then punched the woman in the chest, according to the student.
Friends of the picture poster reported that the woman tossed a cup of coffee at him during the heated exchange.
Update: Clifford says the NY Daily News is lying.
Truthfully the whole story is ugly. The original tweet. The threat. The response. His responses to the racism. All of it. But I guess that’s where we are today in one of the most diverse cities in one of the most diverse colleges.
Update: Cliff was brought into campus security but was released.

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