National Pizza Day 2016 Memes: Funny Photos & Best Jokes

It’s National Pizza Day – if you haven’t stuffed your piehole with a few pies already, you’re doing it wrong. Here’s everything you need to know to celebrate the day adequately:
National Pizza Day, otherwise known as “any day of the week” at my place.
Origin: unknown.
Founder: unknown.
What we do know is your plan of attack on the pie says a lot about you. Last fall, Cosmo asked Patti Wood, body language and human behavior expert to categorize pizza-eating behavior based on “DiSC” a personality profile program commonly used by corporate HR departments.
Obviously you can’t stuff people into puny boxes of identity. But¬†“it’s a combination of personality traits,” said Wood, “so you could identify as a driver in some things you do, and an influencer in others. Usually, though, there tends to be one that comes to the forefront just a bit more.”¬†Apparently, there are four major types of team players, and you can tell which is which by the way they eat pizza.

The “Fold”
People who do the fold are no-nonsense types. They like to take the bull by the horns and take care of business (sounds like my bf, who eats like an ogre).
Hard to imagine why anyone would skip the topping and go straight for edgy business. But these Crusty types are not to be dismissed. They are Influencers. They like to be different. Innovative and novelty-seeking. They know what’s cool before the Internet says it’s cool.

These are methodical Supporters, who love routine, and leave nothing to chance. These guys are your rock. Calm and steady. They hate to be rushed.
The Just-Bite-It types are Careful Correctors. No Frills. These tame beasts hate to be wrong. They go with what they know best and get it right every time. And I mean, every time.
How do YOU eat your pizza?
I eat mine with Budweiser and memes.


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