Sierra Nevada Brewing Company's Beer Camp Tropical IPA Is What's on Tap!

What to drink this weekend and the ultimate Sunday Funday? This is a question everyone and every craft beer drinker should not take lightly. You need something tasteful yet nothing overpowering and something that you can drink all day. This weekend I am drinking a newly released IPA that is perfect for any occasion; this weekend Sierra Nevada Brewing Company’ Beer Camp Tropical IPA is What’s on Tap!
A few years ago Sierra Nevada had this idea of a “beer camp” which is kinda like summer camp but a lot more beer and a lot less creepy sleeping arrangements. Every year they brew collaborative beers with different breweries and even homebrewers and then the following Spring they would take the best of the best and mass produce the beer. This year’s beer is a fanatic IPA that I hope sticks around for some time.
Tropical IPA is everything one wants in an IPA, nice hazy golden color, huge fruitiness in both the aroma and the taste, delicious lip smacking hops, and a non-overpowering bitter finish. What stands out to me is obviously the tropical fruit blend in the middle of the taste of mango, orange, and pineapple flavors but also how low the IBUs are (55) this means I can enjoy more than a few pints!
Enjoy this brew with whatever deep fried food / appetizers you are enjoying; I have found for Super Bowl Sunday the beer is always the main dish and the food is second.
Beer Stats
Style: American Indian Pale Ale
IBUs (Bitterness): 55
Alcohol by Volume (ABV):6.7%
Hops: Amarillo, Citra, Mosaic, Comet, El Dorado
Malt: Two-row, Munich, Honey
Color: Hazy Yellowish / Golden

Beer Review Stats
Beer Advocate: 88
Rate Beer: 94

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