You're Going to Feel Reaaaal Dumb When You Can't Answer This Riddle That 80% of Kids Can

Kids are a delight, aren’t they? They’re always snotty, yelling, peeing wherever they want to, and asking inappropriate questions because hey, they’re kids! What do they know, right?
Well, according to National Geographic, they know a sh*t ton more than you do. The company featured the following riddle as part of their “Brain Games TV” series and found that 80% of children under the age of 10 were able to give an instant answer, while I (26) sat here for about 15 minutes wondering what the f*ck I was even looking at.
The question is as follows:
Which way is this yellow bus going, left or right?
Ok, now think about this one, long and hard.
Are you ripping your hair out yet? Daydreaming about food? Cursing the day you got that liberal arts degree? If you’re not, you’re probably about to.
According to the Daily Mail, the answer is actually really simple:

The correct answer is that – if you’re in the UK – the bus is travelling to the right. And the key to solving the puzzle is the fact that you can’t see the passenger doors.
This means they must be on the other side of the bus, and if you’re in the UK where people drive on the left side of the road this means the bus is going right. The opposite applies in the US and other countries where people drive on the right – and the bus would be travelling on the left.

Yeah, I think it’s dumb too. Luckily I’m not from the UK, so I’m taking that as justification for not knowing the answer and running with it. F*ck you, kids!

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