#BeforeFacebookI Remembers What It Was Like to Breakup With Someone & Not Be Able To Stalk Them

Remember that time in your life where you could breakup with someone and never hear or see them again? You probably don’t, because you grew up in the age of social media, where stalking your ex was permissible and checking back on their new relationship was vital to your growing rage.
Thanks to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and that GoPro you stuck in their armoire, you can keep an eye on that son of a b*tch for as long as possible, and it’s not even creepy – depending who you ask.
Like if you asked your ex, you’d probably be slapped with a restraining order.
Anyway, yesterday Twitter was reminiscing about a time before Facebook devoured your social life with the trending hashtag #BeforeFacebookI. And with Facebook randomly announcing that today is “Friend’s Day” (another fake holiday to add to your list), we thought we’d announced the best responses.
Here goes nothing.

Here Are The Best #BeforeFacebookI Tweets


Wiz Khalifa Memes: Funny Photos, Best Jokes & Images
Wiz Khalifa Memes: Funny Photos, Best Jokes & Images
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