WATCH: Sigma Nu At Boulder Shows Off Massive Fraternity Complex

Sigma Nu Boulder Colorado

You knew that the Sigma Nu brothers at the University of Colorado-Boulder had an amazing set up because you remembered that we already named them the “#1 Fraternity House on the West Coast,” but this new video from CollegeWeekly gives you a new look at one of the best fraternities in the country.

One of the things that makes Sigma Nu’s living quarters so fantastic is the fact that they have not one, not two but five houses in total on their Sigma Nu compound. Check out the video below.

As if they weren’t lucky enough be chilling in a freaking compound, check out the view these lucky SOBs have every morning when they wake up. Even if you’re not a ski bum or snowboarder you’ve gotta love that landscape.

While we would have preferred to see a bit more of the compound and some other houses, the truth is that you can take a look at all that and more in our rundown of Sigma Nu plus the rest of the best fraternity houses on the West Coast.

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